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Hello my favorite humans.

If you haven't already, check out the video above.

As you'll see, I plan to release AT LEAST one new song per month this year. Your subscription gives me both a reason and resource to accomplish that. Subscriptions start at $5 a month. With any subscription over $5 a month, 50% will be donated to Type 1 Diabetes research. Together we can keep the music flowing while working towards a cure.

I was never comfortable with the subscription idea until BandCamp came around and made it “feel” better than the other services.
I wanted a way to connect directly with my humble but growing listener community, in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you walked into a car lot and doesn’t make me feel like a circus clown dancing around with a broken accordion trying to convince you to smile. But also, this little corner of the universe gives me a place to share my creations with friends and family, and makes it easy for you to support what I do in an intimate and meaningful way.

In addition to one brand new song a month, you'll receive:
-downloads of my entire back catalogue of albums / singles in high resolution WAV files (for sonic glory!!)
-10% discount on all merchandise, including my book, Gripe Juice
-exclusive video of live performances, writing / studio sessions, and other G-Rated weird stuff.
-Lots of surprises.

Thank you for being here!

January's contribution is the previously unreleased acoustic version of my latest album "Tilt," freshly remastered.

What you get:

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Brett Ryan Stewart
Nashville, Tennessee
Brett Ryan Stewart is a Nashville based artist, producer, and studio owner, bending genre lines with lyrics that explore loss, purpose, and hope.

Deemed “A talent worth watching!”, by Performing Songwriter Magazine, his work has appeared on Fox TV, A&E, OWN Sirius Satellite Radio, Heineken,Microsoft, Internet Radio, European National Public Radio, Nashville’s Lightning 100 WRLT.

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